Sports classes



Let’s be real here. Most kids playing street hockey are just hitting their sticks together and hoping one of them gets to the ball. It’s like a game of Foosball where everyone is spinning constantly. Most of the time, you are lucky to see a great play

We run drills to teach your kids stick skills so they are not flailing around with dangerous equipment. Slapshots will be managed, as we have seen enough high sticking fouls to know better. Goals will go from being a happy accident to a controlled effort.


Some people are just born with better lungs than others. Running is a chore for lots of people. You do it because it is good for you, but it is a pain on the knees, makes you heave and heave, and it can be so boring.

You should not be scared of running when you come with us. We will help push you past your discomfort to run like a gazelle.



Are you the kid that sits down on the middle of the field and plays with the butterflies? We want you to get in the game too. We will practice dribbling drills to help you gain control of the ball.

Instead of kicking the ball as hard as you can and hoping that it finds its way into the goal, we will help you shoot on goal with precision.


In tennis, you are mostly going to rely on yourself. Unless you play doubles, you are in charge of your own destiny. That can be daunting for some, but we are here to help your swing.

The backhands are tough, but you can straighten out your shot. Work with other tennis students to improve your games together. You will always have someone to practice with.



Instead of sparring with your brothers and sisters, take out some of that aggression in a controlled setting. Karate teaches kids about discipline, as you will not get to punch everyone you want to.

This is about respect and balance, only using your strength when necessary. There are many great values taught in karate.


We have no trouble fielding teams of nine in our baseball classes. When you are young, the pitches are wild, so you do not always get a great chance to practice hitting.

Walks are valuable in the big leagues, but you want to work on your stroke in little league. Let our coaches put balls right in the zone, so your kids can knock them out of the park.